This field type renders a text field.


  • placeholder - text that describes the expected value;
  • min_length - the minimum allowed text length;
  • max_length - the maximum allowed text length;
  • pattern - regular expression to restrict the allowed text;
  • html - set to true to allow HTML or provide an array of tags;
  • readonly - set to true to disallow changing the field value.


The code below renders a required text field with the custom_field name, "Custom field" label and "Custom text" placeholder. The minimum allowed text length is 10 characters.
echo ( new HivePress\Fields\Text(
'name' => 'custom_field',
'label' => 'Custom field',
'placeholder' => 'Custom text',
'min_length' => 10,
'required' => true,
) )->render();
Last modified 1yr ago