This configuration contains parameters that HivePress uses for loading the CSS styles. Each style is defined as an array of parameters accepted by the wp_enqueue_style function. Also, there's an extra scope parameter that accepts the following values:
  • frontend - for loading styles on the front-end;
  • backend - for loading styles on the back-end;
  • editor - for loading styles in the page editor.
You can set a single value or an array of values. If the scope parameter is not set, the style will be loaded on the front-end only.
The code example below removes the Font Awesome styles loaded by HivePress. In the same way, you can customize any of the available styles or load a new one by adding an array with the style parameters.
function( $styles ) {
unset( $styles['fontawesome'] );
unset( $styles['fontawesome_solid'] );
return $styles;
Last modified 1yr ago