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Date Range

This field type renders a date range picker.


Parameters are inherited from the Date field type, with these extra ones:
  • min_length - the minimum number of days available for selection;
  • max_length - the maximum number of days available for selection.


The code below renders a required date range picker with the custom_field name, "Custom field" label and custom date formats (e.g. the source date "2001-01-01" is displayed as "January 1, 2001"). It allows selecting a date range from 7 up to 30 days.
echo ( new HivePress\Fields\Date_Range(
'name' => 'custom_field',
'label' => 'Custom field',
'format' => 'Y-m-d',
'display_format' => 'F j, Y',
'min_length' => 7,
'max_length' => 30,
'required' => true,
) )->render();
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