This block type renders a modal window with inner blocks.


  • title - the modal window title;

  • model - an optional model name to make the window ID unique;

  • all the parameters from the Container block type.


The code below renders a modal window with the "My Custom Text" title and a single inner block of the content type that outputs the "Hello World!" text. If you add a link with the #my_custom_modal URL anywhere on a page, it will open this modal window on click.

echo ( new HivePress\Blocks\Modal(
		'title'  => 'My Custom Text',
		'name'   => 'my_custom_modal',

		'blocks' => [
			'my_custom_block' => [
				'type'    => 'content',
				'content' => 'Hello World!',
				'_order'  => 123,
) )->render();

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